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Children Cookies


The Cookies Series features an array of animal-shaped cookies in butter, cheese, chocolate, hazelnut and oat, tomato, organic beetroot and strawberry, corn flake and vegetable flavours. The delectable cookies are meticulously handcrafted with organic flour, striking a balance between health and taste.


The 8 flavours include: 

Butter Cookies, Cheese Cookies, Chocolate Cookies, Tomato Cookies, Corn Flake Cookies, Hazelnut and Oat Cookies (Hazelnut and Oat), Beet Root and Strawberry Cookies (Beet Root and Strawberry), and Vegetables Cookies (Cauliflower, Broccoli, and Seaweed). 

 Cookies Series: 

  • Party Cookies Gift Set (8 flavours, total 42 pieces) – $318
  • Delight Cookies Gift Set (Butter Cookies, Beet Root and Strawberry Cookies, Chocolate Cookies, Hazelnut and Oat Cookies, total 26 pieces) – $208
  • Refreshing Cookies Gift Set (Tomato Cookies, Corn Flake Cookies, Beet Root and Strawberry Cookies, and Vegetable Cookies, total 26 pieces) – $208
  • Butter Cookies Gift Set (12 pieces) – $98
  • Chocolate Cookies Gift Set (12 pieces) – $98
  • Cheese Cookies Gift Set (12 pieces) – $98
  • Hazelnut & Oat Cookies Gift Set (12 pieces) – $98
  • Limited Edition : The Artisan ‧ Children Cancer’s Foundation Charity Cookies (Butter and Beet Root and Strawberry Cookies, total 8 pieces) – $68   (click here for more details)