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Brand Story

The Artisan Story

Great Eagle Group joins forces with Imperial Enterprises Holdings Limited in 2022 to establish “THE ARTISAN”, a new retail brand bringing the Michelin-starred culinary delights of Langham Hospitality Group to people’s daily life. With the debut of The Langham London in 1865, Langham Hospitality Group has extended its footprint to gateway cities around the world, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, etc. Its highly acclaimed gourmet restaurants earned many Michelin stars, with the world-renowned T’ang Court in Hong Kong awarded the highest 3-Michelin Star rating for 7 consecutive years. THE ARTISAN inherits unparalleled expertise, passion and innovation in gastronomy, dedicating itself to quintessential gourmet experiences.

We deeply understand that parents love their children and will thoughtfully plan ahead for their future. Quintessential gourmet food is one of the crucial foundations for enhancing comprehensive development of children. THE ARTISAN specialises in creating an array of top quality and nutritious food for children.

Michelin Star-studded Culinary Team


THE ARTISAN handpicks the best for children. From ingredients, appearance, taste and texture of every product to packaging designs, we help parents delight children’s palates while carefully considering their nutritional needs, laying solid foundation for comprehensive development. Created with heart, delivered with love.

Natural ingredients are meticulously sourced with rich nutritional elements such as calcium, iron and multivitamins. With the deep insights and pursuit for perfection of our Michelin-starred culinary team, THE ARTISAN presents a fine collection of gourmet food for children, colourful as their infinite future.